My Changing Bag


If you are anything like me and love a good handbag, then one of the first things to tick off the baby buying list when you find out you are pregnant is… the changing bag.

A perfect (and very much needed) excuse to go bag shopping!

When I first started looking at changing bags I was more than a little shocked at the prices but hey I needed to have one right? And they are used every single day so therefore, you more than get your monies worth (has this convinced anybody they need that £250 Storksak number yet?!)

When I was pregnant the first time around I opted for a Pink Lining ‘yummy mummy’ bag as it was bright and colourful and appeared to have all the essentials in it that I would need.  Second time round however, I knew I wanted a new one because I had two kids now and so obviously NEEDED something bigger (this is what I told the hubs anyway as he was buying me one for my birthday!)

So, I started the online search and this time I really did my research…online reviews, you tube videos and of course a bit of Instagram stalking.  I also had a good mooch in our local branch of John Lewis as they have a pretty impressive selection and I fell in love with the Storksak Elizabeth and the Storksak Sofia. They are both changing bags that look like normal handbags and this really appealed to me… as I may have mentioned….I LOVE a good handbag!

The price tags associated with this brand really put me off though and I knew I would also need something that the hubs would be okay with holding in public too…you know for all those times he offers to change the baby’s nappy while you’re out and about…hmmmm.

And this is when I spotted the Laessig Neckline Changing Bag in Black Melange (it looks grey in real life.) It was smart, stylish and although not cheap, it certainly came in less expensive than other brands I had been lusting after. In fact, although I spotted it in John Lewis, you can actually nab it on Amazon for a little bit less! I also loved the colour of this bag as I’m a little bit obsessed with grey and it goes so well with my various prams (yes I’m also a BIG pram fan – blog post to follow.)

So, the bag itself. It comes with a separate changing mat, a small zipped purse, a detachable long strap for carrying over your shoulder or across the body and velcro pram hooks so you can easily attach it to your handle bars and it won’t slip off! It has umpteen pockets, great for storage of lots of little items and it’s big enough for all my baby and toddler needs…because MY GOD do you need to cart round a load of crap when you have two kids under 3! You know, all the ‘just in case’ stuff like changes of clothes and boxes of raisins and that one plastic toy that they just can’t leave the house without!

The link below will give you a lot more detail but I think this a great bag that doesn’t look like a changing bag but performs as one perfectly for me, so much so, that I can see myself using it way past the baby and toddler stage!

What’s important to you when it comes to a changing bag? Let me know as I could talk about them all day!

Thanks for reading

Helen x

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