My postpartum body


So, how do I feel about my body ‘post’ second baby? ‘Meh’ would be an honest answer right now.

I took this picture 9 days after giving birth as I wanted to be able to look back and see the changes my body was going through. At this point I was pretty happy with my weight loss. I was down about a stone and a half already and because my whole body shape had been different during this pregnancy I hoped I might even be able to fit back in to my normal clothes a bit sooner!

Well, four months on and although my shape has changed again, my tummy is flatter, my hips and legs may have trimmed down a bit – I am still currently left with a body that isn’t how I want it to be. Ok so I may no longer be wearing my maternity clothes (well alright the yoga pants may still be lurking around) but my old clothes don’t quite look the way they used to. My shape has changed, my style has changed…in fact I’m not quite sure what my style should be anymore.

After giving birth to Max I was in major shock. Not least because I ended up having an emergency c-section which was something I had never even considered happening, but because it left me feeling like I’d been hit by a bus…a bus that had given me stretch marks, a scar and a strange shelf like hanging belly! I had no idea about that!

This time around I was much more prepared. I had a planned c section booked in and was more than aware that my body would be in major recovery for quite a while. I knew I would be in a large amount of pain and unable to walk at any great pace let alone exercise and that once again yes I would be left with that belly!

Despite knowing all of this, despite the fact that I did (eventually) lose most of the weight last time, I’m still as impatient as ever to be back to feeling like me. I’m getting there, probably quicker than last time too and as lots of people have reminded me…Harper is still very young and I need to give myself time! I am always comparing myself to others…others being the lucky ones that ping back quickly. But that’s just what they are…lucky..and I have to remember that I’m lucky too, because I have had two good pregnancies and now have two amazing children.

So I am going to give myself time, because I will get there eventually and in the mean time I want to enjoy my kids…. and the rest of my maternity leave… and yes on the odd occasion… a nice bit of cake with my cuppa.

Helen x

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