The Mum Wardrobe


Since becoming a mom I have noticed a few changes in my wardrobe. To be honest it might not even be just a mom thing but also a ‘getting old and needing to be comfy at all times’ thing!

When I started getting out to baby groups and meeting up with other mom friends during my first maternity leave, I remember looking around and seeing something that quite amused me. We were all bloody dressed the same! Even down to the footwear! I realised that when you have small children and limited time you need certain easy to wear items and all moms are in the same boat….

So here is my guide to a few key pieces that every mom/woman in her mid- 30’s should (and probably already does) have in their wardrobe.

The Mom Jean

No I don’t mean the trendy ‘mom’ jean that is currently popular with the teens of today because they look great on their toned tummies and skinny legs. No no, I’m referring to the stretchy skinny jean/jegging that will stretch out over ALL the lumps and bumps!  The kind of jean that goes well with boots, trainers or ballet pumps and generally doesn’t get washed that often cause you bloody need to wear them again tomorrow and a quick dab with a baby wipe will suffice!

The Stripy Top

Everyone loves a good stripe don’t they? No matter what your age or style they are a classic ‘go to’ and definitely a popular choice for the mum’s out there. I’ve seen all sorts of varieties – big stripes, thin stripes, stripes with lace, stripes with a flower…you name it! In fact I dare you to go and count how many striped items you have in your wardrobe….it’ll be more than you thought, But, if in fact you can’t find any? Well bloody get yourself to Joules asap.

The Parka Coat

You know the type. It’s green…possibly black, always waterproof and will hopefully have a hood, much needed for the rainy school runs! It probably also has an adjustable pull in waist – to make it seem like you still have a bit of a waist whilst also covering up the bod! I have made mistakes with this wardrobe staple before – I’ve bought them from Primark and Tesco and yes they’ve been ok but I’m currently rocking a Fat Face number (Xmas pressie from the folks – thanks Mum) and I have to say it’s worth spending a bit to feel more put together and less …oh crap the zips gone but I need to wear it!


Or some other comfy yet slightly trendy trainer style shoe. For when it’s a bit warm for boots or you just need to be extra comfy on the walk to the park. I have the classic white in leather rather than canvas as they are actually a bit harder wearing (mum friend tip there!) and I bloody love them. They weren’t the best during pregnancy however when I could no longer bend to tie them up….which leads me nicely on to the next item….


They don’t necessarily have to be the real thing (although the cheaper versions won’t last as the sole will slide!) but they are the most comfortable footwear ever and an acceptable way of wearing what feel like slippers all day long! It’s handy that they go particularly well with the skinny jeans and striped top too…

A Scarf

An item that can literally ‘jazz’ up any outfit. A nice patterned one can add a splash of colour to your jeggings and boring sweatshirt combo and a thicker one will keep you bloomin warm on a cold day when you just NEED to get the mental toddler out the house!! I have also found a scarf an excellent distraction from the ‘mum tum’ on many occasion too….all hail the multi functions of what is essentially a rectangle cloth!

The ‘nice’ top

You may have a few of these in your wardrobe. You know the kind, when you’re going out on Friday night for dinner with friends and one of them texts you…what you wearing? And you reply….oh you know…just jeans and a nice top. It’s probably black, it probably involves a bit of lace or a flower pattern and let’s face it, it’s probably long enough to cover your bum and floaty enough to allow room for pudding and cocktails.

Finally…there are a few other essentials that I could not live without such as a denim shirt, black leggings and of course vests tops – I literally wear them under everything and the longer the better! I have to be covered and held in these days!

There are obviously some other staple items that we may all need or want in our wardrobes that perhaps our bank balances or figures don’t quite allow for, but maybe one day when the kids are older eh?!

Thanks for reading

Helen x

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