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So the time has come for your little darling to ditch the nappies and try out the world of the pants and potties! Depending on how old your child is, you may have already had a variety of people already ask you when you intend to do potty training (probably including your own mother!) And the answer should be….”When he/he is blooming well ready ok!” but you do inevitably feel the pressure when your child is over 2 and a half and is still in nappies.

‘Helpful’ strangers in cafes and supermarkets inform you of how they had theirs done by 18 months! Yes, thank you. Very helpful. But I’ll just wait till he is ready if it’s all the same to you.

We had tried (and failed) to introduce the potty to Max on a couple of occasions. A fair few people had asked when we were going to do it and I definitely felt the pressure to get on with it. I made the decision that I was going to wait till after I had given birth as it was hard enough getting things done day to day whilst heavily pregnant and looking after a toddler already!

I think it’s really important that you do wait until they are ready and that will be a different ages for different children. Max was two years and ten months and to be honest as long as he was sorted before he started nursery then that’s all that really mattered! As my mom would say…no child goes to school wearing nappies…alright, alright mom… I’ll get on with it.

So…on to the stuff we used and how we did it.

The Potty

We bought ours from Ikea as it was cheap! In fact we bought two so we could have one both upstairs and downstairs…less chance of accidents you would think! The potty itself has a removable part which can be lifted out for easy emptying and cleaning. Once Max actually mastered the going in the potty bit, he really enjoyed helping to empty the contents in to the ‘big toilet’ and he always wants to flush after. Of course now he really enjoys helping in the emptying process too….queue wee on the floor….

Big Boy Pants

We allowed Max to choose some pants of his own that he liked the look of (some god awful Paw Patrol things but hey it’s his choice) I also bought some plainer ones as you do need quite a few! Max had been wearing pull ups for a really long time as he wasn’t one for staying still for a nappy change so they weren’t too much of a difference for him. All of his trousers now appear massive on him though!

Cleaning Products

Firstly, a floor mat to go under the potty in case of any near misses has come in so handy…especially if you have carpet! Little boys sometimes need a bit of help with ‘direction’ in to the right spot! Vanish carpet and upholstery spray for the accidents…there WILL be some. Also,  LOTS of wipes and absorbent paper….for afore mentioned accidents.


A friend recommended that I try one of these for when we are out and about as it is much less bulky than taking the actual potty with you and great if  you are nowhere near any toilets. As I have found…when they gotta they gotta go! It also folds out flat so can be laid over a normal toilet seat too. The plastic liners that go inside them are a bit expensive but like most things you can get them cheaper on Amazon! The potettes themselves are sold in Mothercare and Boots.

Toddler seat for the toilet

We haven’t actually used this yet as Max gas been happy to be held over the loo but we are still in the early days of the process so we have one just in case…also from Ikea.

Not forgetting…The Rewards!

Or perhaps bribes is a more appropriate term. I did consider doing a reward chart but I’m not the most crafty mom at the best of times so I thought I’d just wing it with the offers of sweets and toys instead. It’s surprising what the promise of a dinosaur egg can do and because he was ready, he got the hang of it within two days. I got in the habit of asking him every half an hour or so if needed to go and always plonking him on there before we left the house too. As soon as he had managed it once, he thrived on the high fives and fist bumps and he loves shouting…”oh look Mommy, I did it!” at the top of his voice! Not so fun when it’s the third poo of the day but hey!

And finally…a stash of Wine/Gin/Vodka…cause….well you know.

We are far from over the ‘accidents’ stage of this process and I’m sure I will continue to take out a spare change of clothes for quite a while. I learnt the hard way that a change of clothes should also include a pair of socks….the lady at the soft play was very understanding.

Any more tips for the future please let me know!

Helen x

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