March Favourites


Ok, so I know it is now technically April… but only just…

So here a few random things I have been loving in the month of March (and possibly long before but this is my first favourites post so I think they are allowed!)

Burt’s Bees Bath Wash

I bought a bottle of this when I was pregnant with Harper as I remember the Health Visitors last time being adamant that I shouldn’t use any Johnson’s products! I did avoid Johnson’s for a while when was Max was first born but as I was given so much of the stuff I did eventually crack it open and luckily his skin was fine.

I thought I would try Burt’s Bees in the early days with Harper though as it was more natural and smelled good! It is a more expensive product but you need hardly any in the bath to get a decent amount of bubbles….so much so that we have only just finished our first bottle!


Now the spring like weather is finally starting to appear I have decided to put away the old faithful Chelsea Boots (another Mum Wardrobe staple) and I have been loving wearing my converse with jeans or even leggings and a dress. They are just so comfy that I may have to invest in another pair (any excuse to shop) …but what colour?!

Clinique Foundation

I bought the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer quite a few weeks ago now but I’m including it here as I’m still really loving it! I have always used Clinique products but had never tried an all over coverage for foundation, however as I’m getting older I need all the help from make-up I can get!

This stuff is so light and easy to blend in, it comes with a stick attached to the lid for application and can be used as an all over coverage or just as a concealer on the areas needed (the dark circles for me!) It’s not a cheap item but I really don’t use a lot so it lasts me quite a long time and I think with some things you get what you pay for so it’s worth the investment! I was colour matched at the counter and I use the shade 3.5 cream rose.



As much as I like a good lippy I generally apply it once in the morning (if at all) and it has rubbed off within 10 minutes and I never re apply! Despite this I seem to be constantly on the search for a good colour and one that will last that bit longer of course! I also don’t want to spend a fortune for the one product that never lasts long on my face so I thought I would try one from Tanya Burr’s range in Superdrug as they are all lovely colours and are a good price! I bought the shade Pink Cocoa and I really love it as it’s such a natural colour yet you can still tell I have lipstick on…it also feels really soft on the lips too!

Mary Berry Simple Cakes

As far as I’m concerned every kitchen needs a Mary Berry baking book. My mom bought me this book a while ago and I have been loving using it recently, as the title says…the cakes are so simple to make. Mary is a big fan of the all in one method and if you are baking with a toddler who wants to get very hands on then that makes things much easier!

I would bake something out of this book every day if I could as I love to bake so much…unfortunately I also like to eat what I’ve made so I have to limit it just a bit! So far we have loved the Banana Loaf, Chocolate Brownies, Carrot Cake and the Lemon Drizzle traybake … the woman knows her stuff.


Bit of a random one but I have been doing our ‘big’ shop at Aldi for a few weeks now and I just bloody love it. There are no distractions to the clothes or home department and I am usually in and out within 20-25 minutes! The meat is cheap, the nappies are fantastic and they have an amazing choice of (also cheap) fruit and veg which is great if you are trying to eat healthily (in between all the cake).

Mad Men

Yes, yes I know this series is a good few years old and I have in fact watched all the seasons before…twice…but when I found it on Sky Box sets I started watching it again and now I don’t want it to end all over again. It’s advertising, it’s the 1960’s and its New York….what is there not to love. Jon Hamm also helps lots.

You Tube

I have been watching several YouTubers for the past couple of years and it has become a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. One of my favourite YouTubers is Natasha Bailie. She has a son called Max which is what initially drew me to her but she is really funny, really honest and her home is my style dream! She has recently started to upload more to her channel and her blog – themilkstand, so I’m really excited to see more from her in the future. In my mind we are already best buds 😉

So there it is, a very random collection of things that I have recently been loving and also a little more insight in to me I guess!

Helen x

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