Thanks Mom

mom 2

Mum or Mom? Actually who cares, because what I call her isn’t really important. What is important is telling my Mom that I think she is bloody marvellous. We have always been pretty close but our relationship has definitely changed since I became a Mom myself. I appreciate her more than I ever have.

We speak every day, sometimes multiple times and now she seems to have the hang of using her iphone (It’s taken her a while) we even exchange texts and whatsapps! We also see each other several times a week as I am lucky enough to live a 5 minute drive away. I honestly don’t know what I would do if we didn’t!

After each of my c-sections she ferried me (and the kids) all over the place for six weeks so that I could recover properly. She was ALWAYS on hand when I needed her. She did my ironing. She hoovered my house. She gave me hugs when the third day blues kicked in. She listened to me go on and on because I needed to talk about my birth experiences and my difficulties with breastfeeding.

Don’t get me wrong…we have our moments. She can drive me mad. She is brutally honest. When I ask her if I look fat…she will tell me I have looked thinner. When I dyed my hair darker… she told me she preferred it blonder. But if your Mom isn’t going to give you an honest opinion then who will? And she does always say I look nice regardless!

Now that I have my own children I can appreciate her in a new role of Nanny and I love watching her relationship with my little ones. She adores them and they adore her. And I appreciate how very lucky I am to have her. I have friends that do not live close or worse still, no longer have their Mom’s around and I can’t even begin to imagine how they cope. They are stronger than me.

So today, on Mother’s day, I just wanted to say that although I may moan at you for taking forever to get ready and I may take the mickey out of you for never being able to pronounce any foreign word ever!! I love you very much and I know how lucky I am to have you. I hope that Harper and I are as close when she is all grown up.

Oh …. and cheers for always paying for the parking when we go shopping!

Helen x










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