When you were two…

us 3.PNG

Dear Max

Soon you will be three and a whole new world of adventure and learning awaits you; I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring. But before you turn another year older, I want to remember how you have changed this year.

When you were two you learned to really talk. Of course you had started to talk before this but your speech has developed at an incredible rate this year! Within the last couple of months alone your vocabulary has expanded so much that not only can I understand what you say but we can have real conversations. These conversations may be limited to breakfast choices and who the best paw patrol character is but nevertheless – we converse.

When you were two you learned to have real favourites – favourite toys, favourite tv programmes, favourite foods (mainly sweets!) and your personality started to shine through. You learned the word NO and my personal favourite phrase ‘I don’t want to!’

When you were two you had ALL the tantrums….well maybe not ALL as I know the threenager stage is a comin….but… you stropped in the house, the supermarket, the car seat, the street….nowhere was exempt. You stropped so much you were sick and couldn’t even remember why you were stropping. You drove me to my limits and sometimes I shouted, sometimes I cried and sometimes I laughed a little inside…because you were two and you were learning and you (and hopefully I) won’t remember!

When you were two you decided that eating meals wasn’t that much fun and that snacks were the best way to fill that tummy up…why eat potatoes when crisps are so much more fun eh?!

When you were two you decided that dinosaurs were LIFE and watched Andy’s Dinosaurs Adventures approximately 17, 642 times.

When you were two you no longer slept in a cot and no longer needed nappies, both of which were, shall we say ‘challenging’ moments in my motherhood journey.


When you were two you also became a big brother. I didn’t realise I could love you more than I already did but seeing you as a sibling and how caring and sweet you are to your baby sister has made me fall even more in love with you.

When you were two you learned to say ‘I love you’ without me saying it first. You learned to ask for cuddles and to come running to me for comfort when you fell or when you were scared.

When you were two, you became you and you are pretty flipping amazing.

But 3….I think 3 is going to be damn cool too.

Love Mommy x

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