Postpartum Issues


I can’t feel my hands….

Ok, so that sounds a tad dramatic but some mornings, when I wake up, my hands are numb. For a while I was also waking in the night with severe pins and needles and throbbing pain in both of my hands that was extending all the way up my arms to my shoulder. Great fun when you are trying to do night feeds whilst also recovering from a c-section! This was also very frustrating when the baby was actually asleep next to you but I was still awake and in pain and had to prop myself up until the feeling wore off.

I suffered with this pain in my left hand after having Max and the doctor (and doctor google of course) diagnosed Carpel Tunnel. I waited a few months to do anything about it as I just thought it would go away and eventually and with the aid of painkillers and a good wrist support worn through the night…it did.

I had previously heard of Carpel Tunnel as both my grandparents suffered with it, however I had NO idea that pregnancy could cause it to happen. In a nutshell it happens when the nerves in your wrist become compressed and pregnancy is one of the triggers.

So when I started experiencing these pains again after my last pregnancy I thought they would go away, but I wasn’t as hopeful as the pain was worse and this time around I experienced it in both hands.

A bit of pins and needles doesn’t sound that bad you might think, but when the pain is enough to wake you every single night and have you in tears, then it becomes quite frustrating! It affects me mostly during the night and in the morning, to the point where I usually put make up on or wash my hair in the shower with numb hands so I can’t actually feel what I’m doing! Throughout the day, although I don’t usually feel pain, I can still experience the pins and needles sensation and generally my arms and hands (particularly on the left side) just feel quite weak.

This time around I was referred by the doctor for some hospital tests and was properly diagnosed with equal issues in both hands. The lady that ran the tests asked if I had an issue with dropping things or carrying large heavy items and at that moment I realised I did. I knew how much I had been compensating and putting up with pain without even realising it.

At the moment I am still awaiting the report from the hospital so have no idea what the ongoing treatment will be. Surgery is a last resort and something I’m not keen to go through when I have two kids to look after!

I am quite concerned about my ability to write with a pen once I’m back to work as it’s a huge part of my job but not something I am doing much of at the moment!

Let’s hope as time goes on the pain lessens…I’m sure a nice massage couldn’t hurt with the symptoms so maybe I’ll just have to treat myself 😉

Have you every suffered with any weird postpartum issues?

Pregnancy really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Helen x

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