Seven month update

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I suppose I should have written an update when Harper turned six months as that is a huge milestone in a baby’s life – half a year of being on this planet! However I knew exciting things were just around the corner.

At 7 months Harper is the sweetest, happiest baby girl and she is adored by all. In the past few weeks she has learned so many new skills – not least – eating!

I waited until she was exactly six months to start weaning and knew that this time around I would do a much bigger mix of baby led along with purees as I very aware that I want her to eat everything and not be fussy like her brother. And so far so good…she hasn’t refused anything I put in front of her and at this rate will be eating more in a day than Max too!

The past few weeks have also seen her be able to sit up unaided for longer and longer periods. Of course we still have cushions dotted about all over the place for when she gets tired and topples forward but let’s just say the bouncer chair has pretty much had its day….sob.

She has also become very interested in her toys now and will happily sit and play for longer periods…especially if she sees her brother playing too. She loves to watch him and they are interacting with each other more and more which melts my heart….well until she learns to crawl and can grab his toys and then I imagine the scene may be quite different!

As for sleep, she is now in her own room in her cot although still in the sleepyhead which she sleeps so well in I’m reluctant to take it away… but she will definitely have outgrown it very soon! Do we need the next size up? In the past week we have also dropped the dream feed as she wasn’t taking it and as she is now on three meals a day, she clearly doesn’t need it! This means her last feed is around 7pm and she generally sleeps through until around 6-6.30am which is when her brother is currently waking too….gotta love those light mornings. He used to always sleep till after 7am!

She is not the best napper but generally  will have two or three naps a day that can range from 20 mins to 2 hours. If we are at home she will sleep in the cot or the pushchair in the hallway but out and about she snoozes in the car seat or the buggy. She is still having a dummy to help get herself off to sleep but I may try and wean her off this soon…Max just spat his out so stopped bothering at this age so I was hoping she would do the same.

Seems all babies are different….even siblings, so I’m not sure if we will be successful!

As for her looks…her hair is very slowly growing and getting lighter…fingers crossed for some blonde curls like Daddy one day! She does have the most amazing hazel coloured eyes but we still can’t decide who she looks like!

Our Harpertron (I really need to stop calling her that) is a feisty little thing and squeals more than I ever remember Max doing, especially when she wants food….hmmmm maybe she takes after me after all!

I cannot believe how fast seven months has gone and although I do miss those newborn snuggles, you just can’t resist a baby that can sit and catch your eye and flash you a big gummy grin. Ooh and on that note….no teeth as yet just a small white blob so far but I know the sleepless nights of teething can’t be too far away…must dig out the amber anklet pronto!

Helen x

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