Four Month Update


I can hardly believe my sweet baby girl is already this old! The days of newborn snuggles and falling asleep on my chest are slipping away and being replaced with a wide awake baby that follows me intently around the room with her big hazel eyes.

Harper still has plenty of sleep during the day (thank goodness because her big brother no longer naps regularly!) but when she is awake she is looking to be more and more entertained. She loves a good chat and she babbles constantly and loudly while kicking about on her play-mat where she can now roll happily from side to side.

We really can’t decide who she looks like yet, maybe a complete mixture of the two of us. At times she has the looks of her brother at the same age, but in other ways she is own her person both looks and personality wise – a complete individual! I always wanted a daughter and now I can’t imagine my life without her in it. She has completed us. I had so much love already for our little boy, and if anything, seeing him develop and reach his own milestones including that of being a doting big brother, has made me love him even more!

So at 4 months, Harper has found her own little routine. She feeds 5 times a day, roughly every 4 hours (7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm). I then tend to do a dream feed around 10.30pm which sees her through to 6 or 7am, although she can wake for a good babble from around 5am! She is now solely formula fed after being combination fed for the first two months (I’m sure I’ll do a separate post about feeding issues another time) and I think this has really helped with the routine although I know this is very likely to change over the next few months!

With Max I was very keen to see him in to his big boy cot and he was there by 4 and a half months but it is funny how with your second (and/or last) baby you are in no such rush. She is still sleeping right next to me in her crib and sleepyhead and while that works (and she still fits)…she is staying put. Not least because this time round I haven’t even bought the cot bedding yet!

Harper really is such a smiley and content baby and she has brought so much joy to our family. As much as I already miss the newborn days, (not the sleep deprivations bit) I am excited to watch her at every stage of her development and see more and more of her personality shine through…our little Harps.

first-pic       image4

Helen x

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